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About Cancos

Furnish Your Dream Decor

A highly qualified team brings the existence of Cancos products to the outer public. In a way that the market can absorb creations and technologies that are constantly improved in our collections.

Cancos Ceramics

About Us

We are manufacturing and supply high-quality finest range of ceramic tiles in every size. Trust, quality, and reliability have been the watchwords of Cancos Ceramic and they plan to continue fulfilling the expectations of their vast array of customers.

Total customer satisfaction via abortion of quality management systems in all spheres of activity guarantee adherence to predecided standards. The company natures each relationship be it with the trade, consumers.

Cancos Ceramics

Why Choose Us

Long Lifespan

If properly installed and maintained, our tiles has the ability to last for decades of
recommended use.


The surface of ceramic and porcelain tile does not easily retain antigens or allergens, nor do they absorb fumes, odors or smoke.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We have different colors, shapes, and styles of flooring to help match the aesthetic appeal of our customers.

Stain Resistant

Our tiles is less absorbent, therefore you won't experience any staining in the event of spilled drinks, food, or chemicals.

Hard Wearing

Because our tiles are much harder that is why our tiles are ideal choice for use on floors, being able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with them.

Low Water Absorption

Our tiles are low water absorption makes that is why it is the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, wetrooms and even swimming pools!

Cancos ceramics


In addition to high-quality raw materials, we use cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing process. These state-of-the-art technologies enable us to create high-quality ceramic products with sophisticated designs and greater realism.

Perfection Make Things Beautiful

True Source of Art Inspiration

As a quality conscious organization, we ensure that our products are versatile, durable and anti-corrosive. We conduct tests to ensure the durability, shine and finish of the tiles. We are committed to meet customers needs by delivering competitive services and solutions.

The entire creative process is developed by a team of Cancos designers. The development of our products goes through intense research, search for inspiration, and analysis of global trends in fashion, design, and architecture.

Our products are designed with an innovative vision. The ideas arise from the restlessness to fill a gap to be filled and the desire to surprise. We seek to make dreams come true, offering original, creative, and bold solutions.

Made In India

Cancos Ceramics is a firm believer in the 'Made in India' initiative, which aims to facilitate investment, foster innovation, and improve skill development. We try to use as much Indian-made raw materials and machinery as possible.


Group of Companies

Porcelain Tiles

Sartanpar Road, Ratavirda, Wankaner, Dist.Morbi - 363642 (Gujarat) India

Porcleain Slab

Morbi-Halvad road, opp.Unchi Mandal, Morbi - 363642 (Gujarat) India


Opp. Jetpar Road, Rangpar,
Morbi - 363642 (Gujarat) India

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